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Why Colombia Strategic Institutional Plan?
About the fair

Why Colombia Strategic Institutional Plan?

The education national ten-year plan “the road to equality and quality” traces a roadmap for Colombian education to the year 2026, heading to a quality education system that promotes economic and social development for the country and the construction of a society based in justice, respect and difference recognition. 
  • The plan’s implementation framework, challenges 2032, for preschool, primary and middle school works on: school environment and wellbeing, infrastructure, endowment, administration, teachers, directors and educational academia. 
  • The implementation framework for higher education, challenges 2032 works on: adaptative educational models, access to higher education for the population, strengthening of capacities for the rural territory and peace consolidation. 
  • Software and virtual educational services will be excluded of sales tax. 
  • Colombian institutions in the educational sector 
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